How do you write thirty-two thousandths as a decimal number?




In order to write that as a decimal number you need to know the different place values and rules.

So, you have your whole number place values which go 'thousands,' 'hundreds,' 'tens,' 'ones,' eg.

Your decimal number place values has the exact same principal, but instead of starting with 'ones' you start with 'tenths.'

So it goes, 'tenths,' 'hundredths,' 'thousandths,' 'ten-thousandths,' and so on.

So to write that number you need to look at the first number, which is 32.

The terms 'thousands' and 'thousandths' means that the number is going to have 3 decimal places after the zero.

This same rule above applies to if you have 'hundreds' or 'hundredths.' Both those terms mean that there are going to be two decimal places after the zero.

ex. one hundredths: 0.10 ; notice the two numbers after the zero?

To finally answer your question, since it's a decimal, you would use your rule for dealing with 'thousandths' and the number would be written as:


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